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Tilted Uterus

What is a Tilted Uterus?

A tilted uterus, also referred to as a; "retroverted uterus," "backwards uterus" or "tipped uterus") is a woman's uterus that is tilted backward - instead of forward, which is the normal position. Approximately 20% to 35% of all women have a tilted uterus, which is tilted toward the spinal column.  For the vast majority of women, their uterus is tilted forward towards the bladder. For most women trying to conceive (TTC) or to become pregnant, having a tilted uterus is not a concern.


Tilted Uterus

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What is "Uterine Suspension"?

Uterine Suspension is a surgical procedure that is used to relieve pelvic pain or dyspareunia (painful intercourse) when the pain is thought to be the result of a "tilted uterus," also referred to as; 

* uterine retroversion 
* tipped uterus 
* retroverted uterus

Generally, there are two methods that are used to accomplish Uterine Suspension surgery; 

1. laparotomy - which requires a large abdominal incision


2. laparoscopy - which uses much smaller, more strategically placed incisions.

Uterine Suspension
is sometimes used to increase fertility although this is very controversial and has never really been shown to increase one’s chances of becoming pregnant.

What conditions will Uterine Suspension treat? 

Uterine Suspension is used to treat pelvic pain and dyspareunia (painful intercourse). It is used to correct the position of a uterus that has tilted away from the midline and toward the back. 

Sometimes, before Uterine Suspension surgery, the doctor may ask his patient to try a vaginal pessary in an attempt to correct uterine position. 

If the vaginal pessary does not relieve the pain, then Uterine Suspension surgery may be the next best course of action.

What is a "Tilted Uterus"?

A "tilted uterus," which is also referred to as either a "tipped uterus" or a "retroverted uterus" is diagnosed when a physician notices that the woman's uterus is in a slightly backwards or "tilted" position. 

Normally, a woman's uterus is located in a straight and vertical position in reference to her pelvis - and sometimes the uterus is tilted slightly forward. 

A tilted uterus can make conception and pregnancy more difficult.

Having a tilted uterus is not that uncommon. The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology states that about 20% of all women have a tilted uterus

And, not all women that have a tilted uterus will have difficulty when trying to conceive. Many women will get pregnant with no trouble and may not have any idea that they even had a tilted uterus until their obstetrician informs them.


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